Greg McDougal



Struggling in life?

In your walk of faith?

God is real!

He's not surprised. 

He is more sovereign than your circumstances

and much stronger than your struggle! 

He knew you needed a Savior a long time ago!

Come hear about some of the tools that He's been using to work in your life all along.


(BTW He's still working in your life!)

He's building His image...

 Faithfully...with Love... Grace... and forgiveness!

Teaching you how to, more fully, trust Him...

  winning you over to, more and more, 

agree with Him!  

It's no small thing!

He Provides!


Work of a Carpenter




Greg McDougal

Full Time Music Evangelist

615 668-3908

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Now scheduling for 2021

You can also call me to inquire about scheduling my dear friends

Tim Menzies, Mary James

and The Sawyer Family

There is no such thing as too short of a notice. We play it by ear and go where He makes the way!

Call Greg at 615 668-3908 to schedule him to come to your church.

Thank You!!!

PO Box 1756

Mt Juliet, TN 37121

615 668-3908

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