Travelling to...

As we travel in full time music ministry and evangelism (now almost 14 years and over 2200 church services and events)  

Each service or event that we schedule is truly an answer to prayer.

We do not charge a fee to go.

God has taught us to trust Him for every minute, mile and morsel...and He provides! 

If you are led to donate to our ministry, Thank You!

That is a very tangible and miraculous part of God's math at our house.

    Here's where you can find us....

(Call us about the dates marked TBD

and any dates in between.)

We have done last minute scheduling a lot in the last 14 years.  Please do not hesitate to call us and ask about being part of an event or a church service.

615 668-3908

1/4/20 Joshua, TX

Cross Brand 7th Day Adventist

Cowboy Church

1/5/20 Decatur, TX

No Boundaries Cowboy Church AM

Argyle, TX

Home Church Group PM

1/12/20 Batesville, AR

Foothills Cowboy Church AM

Philadelphia, AR

Philadelphia Baptist Church PM

1/19/20 Arab, AL

Southern Cross Cowboy Church AM

Falkview, AL

Fairview Church of God PM

1/21/20 Boaz, AL

Sand Mountain Cowboy Church

1/24/20 Darby, FL

Darby Cowboy Church

1/25/20 Brooksville, FL

Stable Faith Cowboy Church 

1/26/20 Bushnell, FL

Indian Hill Baptist Church AM

Inverness, FL

First Church of God PM

1/29/20 Micanopy, FL

Triple Cross Cowboy Church

2/2/20 Cleveland, TN

Hiwassee Church of God AM

Madisonville, TN

Big Lake Baptist Church PM

2/5/20 Forrest City, AR

Rusty Nails Cowboy Church

2/6/20 Mounds, OK

Happy Acres Cowboy Church

2/8/20 Bazine, KS  

Basin SDA

Hayes, KS

Hayes Chapel PM Service

2/9/20 Wamego, KS

Cowboy Country Cowboy Church AM

LaCrosse, KS

SDA PM Services

2/15/20 Leighton, AL

Cowboy Church of Colbert County

Men's Conference AM

Wynne, AR

Valentines Banquet at Ridgeview Baptist Church PM

216/20 Wynne, AR

Ridgeview Baptist Church AM

Earle, AR

Barton Chapel PM

2/23/20 Henegar, AL

Crossover Cowboy Church AM

Trenton, GA

Canaanland Baptist Church PM

2/24/20 Mountain View, AR

Cowboy Church Revival Services

2/26/20 Searcy, AR

Complete in Christ Ministries

3/1/20 Ferris, TX

Patrick Baptist Church AM

PM service Coleman, TX

Hord's Creek Cowboy Church

3/3/20 Llano, TX

Llano Cowboy Church

3/4/20 Gatesville, TX

Boots and Saddle Cowboy Church

3/8/20 Bandera, TX

Bandera Cowboy Church AM

Big Spring, TX 

Midway Baptist Church PM

3/15/20 Ethridge, TN

Thousand Hills Cowboy Church

3/22/20 Zephyrhills, FL

Recorded the service for

Family of God Baptist Church

because of Covid

3/29/20 Holly Pond, AL

Lonesome Dove Cowboy Church

Recorded the service for online

4/5/20 Pulaski, TN

Stillwaters Cowboy Church AM

Recorded the service for online

4/8/20 Santa Fe, TX

Saltgrass Cowboy Church

canceled because of Covid

3/10/20  Santa Fe, TX

New Church Startup


4/12/20 Alvin, TX

Chocolate Bayou Cowboy Church AM


Remodeled the sanctuary at

Temple Assembly of God in Clanton, AL most of April and May due to Covid Also installed Sound Eqpt.

Replaced windows and put up vinyl siding for a couple of weeks in Church Hill, TN.

Recorded many services at other churches during this time. Will list asap

6/20/20 Chicasha, OK

Seventh Day Adventist

6/21/20 Yukon, OK

Canadian County Cowboy Church AM

Baptist Church PM

6/23/20 service Enid, OK

Chisolm Trail Cowboy Church

6/24/20 Jennings, OK

Cowboy Church

6/28/20 Holly Pond, AL

Lonesome Dove Cowboy Church

7/5/20 Madisonville, KY

Abundant Grace Church

7/12/20 Etowah, TN

Eastview Baptist

7/19/20 Cleveland, TN

Cleveland Cowboy Church

PM Service Loudon, TN

Valley View Baptist

7/26/20 Wynne, AR

Three Trees Cowboy Church

8/2/20 Woodville, AL

Trading Post Cowboy Church

8/9/20 Cleveland, TN

Cleveland Cowboy Church

8/16/20 Forrest City, AR

Rusty Nails Cowboy Church

8/22/20 Plant City, FL

The Farm Gospel Reunion

8/23/20 Zephyrhills, FL

Family of God Baptist

8/30/20 Phil Campbell, AL

Beulah 7th Day Church of God

8/30/20 Trenton, GA

Canaanland Baptist

9/4/20 Cleveland, TN

Gospel Jubilee

9/5/20 Searcy, AR

Men's Christian Rehab

9/6/20 Conway, AR

Conway Cowboy Church

PM Service Cabot, AR

Mt Zion Church

9/12/20 Roanoke, VA

Community Church

9/13/20 Roanoke, VA

Community Church

9/14/20 NC

Tri County Cowboy Church

9/15/20 Church Hill, TN

Cross Anchor Cowboy Church

9/20/20 South Carrolton, KY

Homecoming Services

PM Services Wicklyffe, KY

Blandville Baptist Church

9/23/20 Paris, KY

Bluegrass Cowboy Church

9/24/20 Richmond, KY

Cowboy Church

9/25/20 LaGrange, KY

Cowboy Church

9/26/20 Hendersonville, TN

Cure For Our Friends Benefit

for Cystic Fibrosis

9/27/20 Drennon Springs, KY

Drennon Springs Baptist

PM Service Frankfort, KY

Faith is the Unity Church

9/28/20 Lexington, KY

Cane Run Cowboy Church

10/3/20 St Elmo, IL

The Table Ministries

10/4/20 Veedersburg, IN

Baptist Church

PM Services North Vernon, IN

Otter Creek Baptist

10/11/20 Lowdon, TN

Union Fork Creek Baptist AM

Benton, TN

Welcome Valley Baptist PM

10/13/20 Albemarle, NC

Clearwaters Cowboy Church

10/17/20 Claremore, OK

Seventh Day Adventist

10/18/20 Haslet, TX

Tarrant County Cowboy Church AM

Decatur, TX

No Boundaries Cowboy Church PM

10/19/20 North of Tulsa, OK

Cowboy Church

10/20/20 Enid, OK

Chisolm Trail Cowboy Church

10/21/20 Sapulpa, OK

Canyon Rd Baptist

10/22/20 Mounds, OK

Happy Acres Cowboy Church

10/24/20 Springtown, AR

Seventh Day Adventist

10/25/20 Hugo, OK

Cowboy Church AM

Athens, TX 

Church of God PM

10/30/20 Cleveland, TN

Cowboy Church Jubilee

11/1/20 Hiwassee, TN

Zion Baptist AM

Berean Baptist PM 

11/6/20 Dawson Springs, KY

West Dawson Theater

11/7/20 Searcy, AR 

Rehab Center Outreach

11/8/20 Hope, AR

Rafter J Cowboy Church AM

Beebe, AR

First Baptist PM

11/12/20 Mt Juliet, TN

Victory Baptist Church

Senior Adult event

11/18/20 Rutherford College, NC

Crosspoint Church

11/19/20 Gray Court, SC

Cowboy Church

11/20/20 Rutherford College, NC

Men's Event

11/21/20-11/23/20 Shelbyville, TN

Cowboy Church Revival

with Trey Johnson

11/29/20 Crossville, AL

First Baptist

12/5/20 Webster, FL

Officiate my brother's wedding

12/6/20 Zephyrhills, FL

Family of God Baptist AM

12/13/20 Webster, FL

Indian Hill Baptist  PM

12/20/20 Morristown, TN

Circle C Cowboy Church

12/27/20 New Iberia, LA

Cornerstone Cowboy Church

12/30/20 Santa Fe, TX

Saltgrass Cowboy Church

12/31/20 TBD

1/2/21 Santa Fe, TX

Outreach event

with Pastor Kevin Garber

1/3/21 Alvin, TX 

Chocolate Bayou Cowboy Church

1/6/21 Conroe, TX

Caney Creek Cowboy Church

1/10/21 Bon Aqua, TN

Cross Roads Cowboy Church

1/16/21 Frankfort KY 


1/17/21 Scheduled both AM and PM

details soon

1/18/21 Lexington, KY

Cane Run Cowboy Church

1/24/21 Hamilton, AL

Bear Creek Cowboy Church

2/7/21 Clanton, AL

Clearwaters Cowboy Church

Now scheduling for 2021

You can also call me to inquire about scheduling my dear friends

Tim Menzies, Mary James

and The Sawyer Family

There is no such thing as too short of a notice. We play it by ear and go where He makes the way!

Call Greg at 615 668-3908 to schedule him to come to your church.

Thank You!!!

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Mt Juliet, TN 37121

615 668-3908

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