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Our Story

Greg McDougal and his family began in full time music ministry in 2007.  It all started as a special cause and need in their lives, But God eventually turned into a great desire for them to go and tell of just how real He is through it all!


Greg and Diane moved to Nashville, Tennessee to be in the Country Music Business in 1992. In 1997, Atlantic Records Recording Artist, John Michael Montgomery recorded one of Greg's songs, and it seemed as if Greg and Diane were living a dream. In 1998, they had their first of 4 children, but with three of their four children diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, life got complicated. It was clear that God had different plans than the ones Greg had been chasing. Greg walked away from a promising career in music and spent the next seven years as a home repair carpenter.


This family will tell you that this is when they first began learning how God takes the years that the locusts have eaten and makes them new. That He redeems all things through Christ!

It was during this season that God led Greg to record a life changing and award winning CD called The Work of a Carpenter. Because of this project, so many lives across the country and around the world, have been touched by their story of faith, love and determination for the sake of their children.


From the Bellamy Brothers to the Oak Ridge Boys

In 2007, Greg recorded a follow up project called 'Try a Little Kindness' that featured many special guests in duets with Greg including:  Tammy Cochran, The Bellamy Brothers, The Oak Ridge Boys and others. In 2009, Greg responded to God's call to Preach the gospel as well as sing it. Twice each, from 2010 through 2019, Greg has been named The Inspirational Country Music Awards 'Music Evangelist of the Year'  'Musician of the Year' and 'Songwriter of the Year'

As he speaks, sings, and plays his Martin guitar, you will hear of forgiveness, faith, family, and how God indeed redeems all things through Jesus Christ. There was a time that his family travelled with him.(By the way they won ICM Youth in Music Award in 2013 and 2014)

In 2019, their 19 year old son, Sean, went home to rest with God. This led to a new season at home for the others while Greg carries on.

This family has been in over 2200 events in the last 15 years. Singing and preaching in churches of all sizes from New Mexico to North Carolina. God has given them favor everywhere they have been, and He has really grown this family, especially Greg, because of it. 

What began with music, that has now become just the excuse to get in the door. Greg is sold out to lead worship and share the message that God has fitted him up with. He tells of the ways that our faith is no small thing, He tells of God's math on Monday and Tues as well as Sundays. He is driven to remind the body of believers of who it is that God says we are and that people are watching to see that the Word of God, indeed,  makes a difference in our lives. Greg is so aware that He gets to 'preach to the Choir' everywhere He goes. He has begun leading Men's Conferences and retreats as well. 


There is so much more to tell, so please give Greg a call and let him tell you. He says that everywhere they go they meet people who are starving to know that this 'God thing' is as real on Monday and Tuesday morning as it is on Sunday morning. Greg and his family are 'set apart for a time such as this' to bear witness to just how real God is, and continues to show Himself to be.. 'Simon, Simon, Satan has asked for you that he may sift you as wheat... but I have prayed for you that your faith will not fail and when you have returned to me you will strengthen your brethren'..Luke 22:32



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